Compost is Life

Local Living Soil for Chicago Gardens

LBS of Food Waste Collected

POUNDS of Organics diverted from a landfill since 2015!
Gallons of Water conserved via Composting!

Why Compost?

Your food scraps are alive and full of energy. When sent to landfills, they emit greenhouse gasses and contribute to global warming. But when used for compost, they live on to do good. Healthy Soil Compost makes composting clean and easy. We bring you your sealed container, pick it up, clean it up, and leave it with a new compostable liner for the cycle to begin again.

"30 to 50 percent of waste is compostable"

— Crain’s Chicago Business

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We are now part of The Urban Canopy! All pickup programs will be within the Urban Canopy service options.

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