Compost is Life

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide an environmentally-sustainable model of community composting and organic recycling for Chicago residents. We serve as a significant component in the local ecosystem—we are decomposers and energy regenerators.

Our Story

HSC came into existence to provide a community solution for organic materials going to waste in a landfill. Starting in 2015, with the interest from a couple of Chicago neighbors, founder Jonathan Scheffel started collecting food-scraps on his bicycle while working with a local vermicompost farm to transform the material back into agricultural-grade compost for urban farm development. HSC is about realizing the potential within materials and the value of closed-loop economic designs. We exist to provide a useful service and economic opportunity to our community and we are creative in our attempt at sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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We provide all the materials you need to start composting and reducing the load headed to landfills every day. Our flexible pick-up services work with your schedule.






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