Compost is Life

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide a community-driven food-scrap and organic recycling program for all Chicago residents! We serve as a significant component in the local ecosystem—we are decomposers and energy regenerators.

Our Story

Since 2015, Healthy Soil Compost has been working to develop a community connected solution to food-waste and seasonal organic waste items going to a landfill. We connect neighbors to a more circular waste system that recycles food waste back into nutrient rich, living compost for feeding local gardens/farms/and soils. Our team is about realizing and communicating the potential within organic materials and the value of closed-loop economic designs. We exist to provide a useful service and economic opportunity to our community and we are creative in our attempt at sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Start Composting

We provide all the materials you need to start composting and reducing the load headed to landfills every day. Our flexible pick-up services work with your schedule.






For commercial services, contact us via email or phone