Can we put raw/cooked meat and fish into bucket?

  • Yes! Please be aware that adding these materials may cause odor or maggots to form in warmer temperatures – Odor and maggots are no big deal for us but may be unpleasant for you.  
  • Best to wrap any animal products in non-glossy paper or cover with paper to help prevent these inevitable consequences and keep your experience pleasant and sanitary.
  • Fun Fact: Meat and Fish are full of nutrients and water so  diverting this material from a landfill can be very helpful to building healthy soil! 
  • Some home-composters will not add these materials to their own compost piles, however we work with a professional and commercial scale processor so we can manage these materials properly.

Is mold in my bucket okay?

  • Yes! Mold spores are everywhere; stuff gets moldy and it should! Mold will  not harm compost at all (actually helps) 
  • Not so good to breath in mold, so cover lightly with paper to avoid disturbing spores into your air and keep cover on bucket when possible.

How to prevent unwanted odors:

  • Most odors are caused by standing liquids and wet material.
  • Avoid odors by continuously adding NON-GLOSSY paper to bucket,  helping to soak up moisture and keep freshly added material covered.  For example: newspapers, paper towels, leaves, tissues, junk mail without plastic or other compostable dry materials.
  • More frequent pickups will ensure less odor also, weekly/biweekly is always suggested for anyone that is particularly sensitive to odors.
  • Also using the lid properly will help – lid does not need to be completely sealed but just placed on top with a press in the middle to provide a light seal and covering.

Where do I keep my bucket when in-use?

  • We suggest keeping bucket in kitchen near your other waste bins, if you choose to keep outside please keep bucket safe from squirrels that may want to eat your food.
  • If you keep bucket outside, sometimes best to add a large upside down bowl to cover the lid or an upside down milk crate to add protection from critters.
  • Be aware buckets that are lost/stolen/damaged from your location will need to be charged a replacement fee of $5 so please keep safe and inside if at all possible!

Where do I leave bucket for collection day?:

  • Please have bucket in a location accessible to our team.  When your first bucket is delivered we will provide info on what we think a good location for pickups will be.
  • We can always accept keys, door codes, back porch or climbing stairs if necessary to ensure a smooth service for you and us. 

**Please do not keep your bucket near the trash cans in the alley (they are usually thrown away or stolen).

  • If no “safe” location is provided for bucket then we will try to leave with a small combo lock to use for pickup days and attach it to a nearby object.