If you want to end OR temporarily suspend your composting relationship with Healthy Soil Compost at any time, you must EMAIL/TEXT/CALL Healthy Soil Compost to let us know. This will help all parties involved. We will not need an explanation, but giving us feedback will always help our service! Your cancellation request will be confirmed with a last pickup scheduled.

If you end your composting relationship with Healthy Soil Compost, any prepaid pick-ups will be refunded on a pro-rated basis except for partial months next, your final bucket will be scheduled for removal.  If bucket is not available or not out on final pickup day then we will attempt to leave a fresh bucket to use (setting both out the next scheduled visit) or you can always request a return visit and will be charged $5 or $5 for bucket replacement if necessary.

If you do not pay your invoice for Healthy Soil Compost services by 30 days from the date the invoice is sent to you, Healthy Soil Compost may end this agreement.

Healthy Soil Compost reserves the right to cancel or reschedule service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, and/or operational gripes. You will be notified of such cancellation/rescheduling as soon as possible prior to your Scheduled Collection.

Healthy Soil Compost will not provide “make-up” collections following a member-selected cancellation or failing to have bucket out at suggested collection time. If you are a weekly subscriber, your service will resume on Collection Day the following week. If you are a biweekly or monthly subscriber, your collection will be on the next scheduled visit for your account unless a rescheduled visit is requested.

Member-selected collection cancellations will be refunded only if placed 24 hours or more before 9:30am on the scheduled pickup day.  If a pickup is cancelled by subscriber less than 24 hours in advance than no refund will be processed. 

The fee is $5 to schedule a return trip to a bucket that was not out on collection day/time.  Rescheduling will be on the next available day for your neighborhood.

The fee to replace a lost/stolen/damaged HSC bucket is $5.  HSC will incur this expense if the damage/loss is from HSC negligence or caused from HSC staff actions or of no fault to subscriber conversely this fee will be passed on to HSC subscriber if proper bucket placement suggestions are not followed by subscriber, building management discards bucket, bucket is damaged from being kept outside, etc.