Healthy Soil Compost (HSC)

Cancelling Pickups

If you want to cancel a pickup, email us or send a request to the Compost Text Line by 3PM the day before your pickup.

If we are notified within this timeframe, we will take you off the route and prorate your monthly payment. If you notify us after this timeframe, we will still try to take you off the route but will not refund you. If you notify us after this timeframe and would like to reschedule, there is a $5 fee.

Adding Extra Pickups (Extra Fee)

If you need to add a pickup to your scheduled monthly plan, please send a request via Email or using our Compost Text Line.  Additional pickups are charged at $10 per visit.

Extra Material (Extra Fee)

Any compostable items for pickup outside of your bucket will be charged at a rate of $5 per 20LBS.  Please inform us via Email or Text Line prior to pickup to ensure we are aware of the extra material and that we come prepared.  If we are unable to handle the extra material at time of bucket visit, then a separate visit will be scheduled for extra items and may incur a separate fee based on labor and weight of items.  Xmas trees are only collected within the first two weeks of January and require a separate request for service.

Putting Service on Hold

We can suspend your service if you have a definite date for re-starting service. If you’d like to suspend your pickups indefinitely, we will terminate your service and ask you to sign up on our website again when you’re ready to start receiving regular pickups again.  All service requests must be submitted via Email or with the Compost Text Line.

Ending Service

If you need to end your pickup service, please let us know as soon as possible! We will stop by one last time to pick up any remaining buckets and/or bucket locks you may have. We will not need an explanation, but giving us feedback will always help our service! Your cancellation request will be confirmed with a last pickup scheduled and when call HSC materials have been collected.  Your first payment at start of service covers your final pickup fee.

If your bucket is not out at our initial attempt to end service, we will try to reschedule, and will apply a $5 fee to your account and reschedule the visit. If you are unable to reschedule, we will charge you $5 per bucket that is not returned and will end all service agreements.

Forgot to Put Bucket Out

Not a problem! You have a few options when this happens:

  • Choose NOT to notify us: we will let you know a bucket was not found, leave a fresh bucket to use and ask that you set both buckets out at your next scheduled visit.  You may request a return/rescheduled visit for the old bucket for a $5 fee or set both out on next scheduled visit for no additional fee.


  • Contact us before the visit occurs so we can attempt to cancel the visit and will not leave a fresh bucket.  You may then request a return/rescheduled visit ($5) for the next available service day or you may skip entirely until next regular scheduled visit for your account.  Cancelled visits outside of the cancellation period will be charged at your regular plan rate.

Extra Buckets

Each plan includes only 1 bucket for use during the selected frequency.  Additional buckets may be requested anytime and will be charged at $5 per bucket.  Additional buckets will be collected/removed with the following scheduled visit.  All requests must be received by 3PM the day prior to the scheduled visit.

An extra bucket can be added indefinitely to your regular plan for an additional $5 per visit until a request is made to remove the additional bucket from the plan.

Changing Pickup Frequency

Contact us via Email or with the Compost Text Line for any service related changes/requests.  We will perform any necessary changes to your account and confirm the changes made included when next scheduled visit will occur.  All account changes are done by HSC staff and are not performed via the HSC website.

Lost Buckets

The fee to replace a lost/stolen/damaged HSC bucket is $5.  The fee to replace a lost/stolen bucket lid is $3 and only applied if lid is removed or lost. This charge helps to replace the missing materials and to help keep this program running. HSC will incur the expense if the damage/loss is from HSC negligence or caused from HSC staff-actions conversely this fee will be passed on to the subscriber if building management discards bucket, bucket is damaged from being kept outside, bucket is stolen or removed from subscribers location. HSC will provide a combo lock with replacement bucket to help with further missing bucket incidences

Holidays / Inclement Weather

Healthy Soil Compost reserves the right to cancel or reschedule service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, and/or operational gripes. You will be notified of such cancellation or any rescheduling as soon as possible to your scheduled collection.